4 Myths About Whitewater Rafting


Many persons have put off the idea of whitewater rafting because of the numerous myths that surround this exercise and makes it look unattractive. People who have witnessed water rafting  testify that is a very enjoyable sport with loads of fun and adventure but the myths make them seem very dangerous, putting people off and causing them to miss the fun , during the summer. We present four myths that have existed for a long time and have engraved dislike for river rafting in the minds of people, the good news is that these myths have been busted.

Myth #1 : Water rafting is good for adrenaline junkies only

When first you heard about white water rafting, you possibly checked online and you heard it was an extreme sport, furthermore you checked YouTube only to see videos of people riding at high speeds while screaming and jumping. These scenes caught you, perpetuated the myth  and since then, whitewater rafting became a no go area for you. The truth is that not all water rafting is explosive , not as extreme as shown on TVs. Different trips give different levels of intensity, if you are not an adrenaline junkie then you should talk with your guide before going on the rafting ride.

Myth #2 : Only good swimmers and athletics can go rafting

Swimming and athletics are for the Olympics, water rafting is for enjoyment. When going rafting, staying on the boat is the first goal but peradventure you find yourself in an “out of the boat situation”, you need not panic. You have along with you  a tightly-buckled Personal Flotation Device (PFD) at all times on the river, which keeps your chances of floating higher than of sinking. Also, you need not be athletic or have a perfect body build to enjoy rafting, if you can get on and off the boat, you are good to go.

Myth #3 : Water rafting will be boring for me

Maybe, you must have thought of how much you hate seating on the boat all day, with only canned foods and away from your mobile devices. Each day of rafting comes with it’s own of adventures, a stretch of calm water before brief rapids, jumping off and swimming around if you wish . During overnight trips, here will be  plenty of downtime outside the rivet  raftfor hiking , fishing , reading , eating some delicious food and sleeping under the stars.

On the rafts, the fun will hardly make you miss your mobile devices. Many times we are more concerned about those little rechargables that we forget to give ourselves a special treat. And, who says you only eat canned foods during river rafting?. Forget about canned goods and cold cereal. River trip food is fresh and often locally sourced. The several pounds of ice on the boat is not for keeping canned foods cold.

Myth #4: All River tour guides are the same.

The word “river guide” strikes a mental picture of burly bearded guys with a low sense of humor. This is wrong too, you will be pleasantly surprised to see that your river guide is a lady , a professional or student on summer holidays with lot of sense of humor. Most of them could be soft spoken and more hilarious than you thought.


Myths surrounding whitewater rafting have  discouraged many persons from partaking in the fun and it won’t be far from it to see people who failed to enjoy the water rafting rides propagating these myths. Let no one discourage you .