4 Myths About White Water Rafting

White water rafting is an extreme sport that has over the years been side-lined as a dangerous game and thus most people miss out on the fun especially during summer. From its name white water rafting is said to be rafting that one does on the white water. When the raft is rushing through the white water it produces froth which gives the on lookers a fun view and consequently encourages the participants to speed more in order to produce more froth and that is where the fun is. It encourages team work as it cannot be done by one person. Due to the fear of the sport, there are many myths around that further scare people away but we are going to delve in 4 major ones.

It is for the young dare devils.

Most videos and photographs on social media have perpetuated this myth by making you believe that it is a very extreme sport suited for those who live to experience this scary thrill or better said adrenaline junkies. The truth is that it doesn’t matter your age or fitness level you can have as much fun with the available package for people on any level of rafting (beginners, middle or experienced level). This has become a very common sport even for those between 40-80 years young.

One has to be a very good swimmer.

Make sure you go for the professionally guided rafting tours because they let you wear a coast guard approved flotation device that will help you just in case you fall off the boat and after that, a life saver will be there to help you. In addition, before you start your rafting trip the guide will give you a talk on safety measures to take and if need be even teaching you how to swim in rough water.

White water rafting is a primary American sport

Although this game began in America it has quickly spread all over the world today. OARS and ROW adventures are companies in the US that specialize in rafting (river rafting, water rafting and white water rafting) and they agree that nowadays they organize rafting trips around some of the best rivers in the world which include Costa Rica, southern Africa, Chilean Patagonia, Nepal, Fiji among others. Here you also get to learn a lot from the local guides and outfitter during the trip.

You will have to seat on a raft the whole day

There are adventures off the raft too so on multi day rafting time you will spend more time on other activities. On a one-day raft, you take a little longer on the seat but you will not realize it because the event is so engaging. The good news is you will not seat on the raft the whole day but the memories will live with you for years.

In conclusion

White water rafting is fun and there are many myths that would discourage you but don’t listen, take your time to engage in the sport, it is a stress buster and breaks the monotony of a tiresome day.